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The Virtual IT Director service

Starting at only £30/month*, gain the advantages of an in-house IT director, who can be used proactively as regular scheduled visits or reactively as and when you need (or a mix of both).

Unlike all your hardware and software vendors, your virtual IT director will be able to take a holistic view of your IT systems from both a technical and a commercial perspective. Here are just a few areas that fall outside the scope of your existing IT support break / fix contract where your virtual IT director would step up, all without the risks, costs and commitment of a full-time IT director.  

* ½ – 1 day of time required to get to know you, your colleagues and your business – one off fee.

  • Fortify your business against cybersecurity threats
  • Reduce your IT overheads 
  • Examine any upcoming CapEx 
  • Stubborn problem resolution 
  • A critical IT friend
  • Quotation comparison 
  • Training for your end users and / or IT support staff 
  • Guidance on how to get the most out of your IT support company 
  • Help with navigating the technology marketplace 
  • Project management 
  • Access to a wide pool of highly skilled IT professionals with specific areas of specialisation  
  • Help develop and implement a disaster recovery plan 
  • Streamlining of IT processes and identify areas for improvement 
  • Plan for growth, restructuring, acquisitions and mergers 
  • Cyber Insurance & PCI compliance form completion and guidance 

Additional Services

In addition to the virtual IT director service, we also offer a range of ‘one-off’ services for you and your business:-

  • Full IT systems audit (complete with report)
  • IT security audit (complete with report)
  • Assistance with Cyber Essentials accreditation
  • Technical architect services
  • Microsoft licensing auditing and planning
  • Office relocation services

An extra pair of hands

Occasionally, an extra pair of hands can be invaluable. We provide:- 

  • IT support – holiday / sickness cover
  • Assistance with IT installations
  • Interview panellist for IT roles
  • Extra technical resource for IT support companies
  • IT presence at special events