Security Keys from Yubico


Are you facing this problem in your business?

🎯 Objective – Implement MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) to all the Microsoft 365 users in your business

but you’re held back…..

❌ Problem 1 – Not all M365 users in your business have a smartphone, or if they do, they do not want to install a business app (authenticator) on their personal device.

❌ Problem 2 – Microsoft are already (from July ’23) phasing out SMS / texts for onetime passwords, so that is no longer an option.

✅ Solution – Consider the rolling out of Security Key NFCs from Yubico for €25+VAT each – they work on your computer (choice of USB-A or USB-C) and they work on your smartphone (NFC). Works with Google Workspace too.

Give it a go yourself, or drop me an e-mail at to talk more about how to be confident about your cyber defences.

👀 You’ll need to enable passwordless security key sign-in in the Microsoft Entra admin center.

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