£10,000 for Food Banks in Wakefield District


A few months ago, Claire Sutherley, the Managing Director of We Are Wakefield, introduced us to Lisa Milburn, the Development and Partnership Director at the Community Foundation Wakefield District.

During a summer meeting over coffee, I shared details about our business’s philanthropic initiative, the Wakefield Technology 4 All Hub. In short, we receive donated laptops and provide them free of charge to children, and adults in need, charities, and other good causes. More information is available at https://the-vitd.co.uk/tech4allhub.

By chance, 2 days following our meeting, Lisa attended a Wakefield Council-organised food summit, which was attended by volunteer-run food banks. Wakefield Council had a requirement for these food banks to submit electronic reports about the number of people they assist, to fairly determine the allocation of funding. To aid in this, the council offered a £500 grant to each food bank for purchasing a laptop and Excel software.

After our meeting, Lisa contacted Jo Parkin – Community Coordination and Engagement Officer at Wakefield Council – informing her about access to free refurbished laptops and the availability of Microsoft Excel at no cost for charities.

We compiled a list of 20 food banks needing laptops, and we promptly prepared them.

On Friday, Lisa and I distributed these refurbished laptops to Callum Taylor, the Project Officer at Wakefield Council, who will further distribute them to the food banks.

This initiative not only provided the necessary technology to the food banks but also allowed them to retain their £500 grants, collectively providing extra funding of £10,000. That’s a lot of food parcels!

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