This is a little bit outside the scope of The Virtual IT Director, but if I see a problem and a need for something over and over again, I can’t help but scratch that itch, so here goes…..

📡🚫 Ever found your business without internet? Time and again, I’ve seen businesses grappling with connectivity issues at temporary locations – be it events, temporary construction sites, or those stressful times when your usual internet just gives up with no quick fix in sight.

Good news! We’ve created a solution to this problem and packed it all into a suitcase!

We’re proud to introduce WiFi-in-a-Suitcase from The Virtual IT Director.🧳✨

✅ Available for hire from 1 to 30 days

✅ Enjoy 50 Mbps broadband connectivity anywhere in the UK

✅ Includes installation, remote management, and technical support

✅ Insured For Public Liability Of £2,000,000

Find out more (including lots of FAQs) at https://the-vitd.co.uk/wifi

Get in touch today and find out if this really is as good as it sounds….

📞 01924 926 400

📧 hello@wifi-in-a-suitcase.co.uk

Because no business should be left in the digital dark. 💡🌍

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