Low-Cost, Enterprise-Level IT System Setup


Launching a new business is exciting and challenging. One big consideration is your IT systems. How do you construct a high-end IT infrastructure without breaking the bank. With smart choices and the right expertise, you can deploy an enterprise-grade system that’s both affordable and future-ready.

1.    Chromebooks – Secure, Budget-Friendly Computing

Equip your team with sub-£200 Chromebooks. These devices are not only budget-friendly but also secure, with Full Disk Encryption (FDE) to protect your data and built-in anti-virus to fend off malicious threats.

2. Microsoft 365 Basic Subscription

With Microsoft 365 Basic subscriptions, you and your colleagues can gain access to:

·       Collaborative Tools: Web-based, industry-standard, feature-rich versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and more.

·       File Services: OneDrive for Business and SharePoint to securely store, share, and access documents anytime, anywhere.

·       Email Services: With Exchange Online, manage e-mails efficiently and professionally.

M365 not only enhances collaboration and boosts business productivity but it also allows you to access your data from mobile devices and any browser-enabled device. This ensures flexibility and accessibility no matter where you are.

3. Microsoft 365 Backups with Synology

Invest around £450 in a (specific) Synology box capable of backing up all your Microsoft 365 data. While Microsoft 365 offers excellent resilience, the digital landscape demands defence against cyber threats. The Synology solution ensures your data remains safeguarded and accessible, even when faced with unforeseen cyber challenges without any ongoing costs.

4. Expert IT Engineer

Allocate between £500-£1,000 for 1 to 1½ days work for a seasoned IT engineer. While this cost can vary depending on your requirements and technical awareness, the outcomes are clear:

  • Setup of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for heightened security.
  • Creation of segregated admin accounts for reduced vulnerabilities.
  • Optimisation of your Microsoft 365 security health score.
  • Assistance in domain name procurement and setup.

5. Domain Name – Your Business’s Digital Identity

You’ll likely find a .co.uk domain name for a promotional £2 offer. Subsequent years might cost around £10. This unique address establishes your brand’s online identity.

6. Web Hosting – Your Online Presence

The same provider you choose for your domain name often run promotional offers. These can provide you with the tools and services to design and host a basic landing page yourself, establishing an immediate online presence for your clients and partners to engage with.

The Benefits of This Setup

  • Budget-Conscious: This setup is based on making quality choices that don’t overextend your finances.
  • Robust Security: Features like MFA, secure admin accounts, FDE, built-in antivirus, and strategic backup practices ensure data safety.
  • Future-Proof: Designed with growth in mind, this IT system can scale as your business does, accommodating future upgrades without a total revamp.
  • Quality: While there are numerous additional products and services you could incorporate, this configuration offers a bootstrap solution with top-tier products, ideal for those looking to get started without compromise.

The Financial Breakdown (based on a 5 user system)*

CapEx (Initial Costs):

  • Chromebooks: £1,000
  • Synology: £450
  • Engineer Time: £1,000
  • Total: £2,450

OpEx (Recurring Costs):

  • Microsoft 365: £4.90/user/month. For 5 users: £294/year (potential charity discounts available)
  • Domain: £2 (first year)

 * All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT


Setting up a whole IT system for a budding business needn’t exhaust your financial resources. With carefully chosen product choices and specialised guidance, you’ll establish a powerful, efficient, and secure system, allowing you to focus on your business’s primary goals and objectives.

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