The Importance of Protecting Your Facebook Business Account


The significance of social media platforms, particularly Facebook, for business cannot be understated. From marketing and branding to customer service and client interaction, a company’s online presence and engagement can impact its operation substantially. Facebook, with its vast audience and low cost, has become a major tool for some businesses. However, with the benefits, come the responsibilities, chiefly among them being the protection of your business account. 

Why Protect Your Facebook Business Account?

1. Business Reputation: A compromised account can damage the reputation of a business overnight. Fake news, incorrect information, or inappropriate posts could severely damage your brand.

2. Data Protection: With businesses often using Facebook Messenger as a communication channel, safeguarding the integrity of conversations and protecting client data is paramount.

3. Financial Security: Unauthorised access could lead to financial losses, especially if your business uses Facebook for promotions, advertising, or even sales. 

How to Safeguard Your Facebook Account:

1. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Enable MFA to add an extra layer of protection. This means even if someone knows your password, they still can’t access your account without a second verification step.

2. Strong Password (or passphrase): Your first line of defence is a lengthy (length is more important than complexity!), unique password. Avoid using easy to guess passwords or reusing passwords from other sites.

3. Monitor Active Sessions: Regularly check and remove unknown devices from your Facebook account. This ensures that unauthorised users aren’t accessing your account.

4. Recovery Codes: Always note down and securely store your recovery codes. They’re essential if you lose access to your phone or email.

5. Valid Mobile Phone: Link a valid mobile number to your account. It’s useful for recovery processes and MFA.

6. Multiple Access Points: Occasionally log into Facebook from different devices. This gives Facebook more ways to verify your identity, especially useful if one device becomes inaccessible.

7. Multiple Page Admins: Ensure that your business page has more than one admin. This provides a backup if one admin loses access or faces any issues.

8. Email Account Protection: Your email is the backbone of your digital identity. Ensure your e-mail account is also protected with MFA. If someone gains access to your email, they could reset various account passwords, including Facebook. 

Immediate Steps if Compromised

If you believe your business Facebook account or page has fallen into the wrong hands, act quickly, but cautiously. Before acting:-

  • Avoid Creating Duplicate Accounts: This isn’t a solution and will absolutely complicate the recovery process if you do.
  • Pause if Locked Out: If you’re having difficulty accessing your account, don’t repeatedly try. Facebook has several automated time locks, and your patience will be key. Time is your ally.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, The Virtual IT Director is ready to assist. With the skills, experience and contacts, Chris is equipped to guide you back to your FaceBook account. Facebook is more than just a social platform for businesses; it’s a digital front door welcoming potential customers. Much like you wouldn’t neglect the security of your physical premises, be it a shop, restaurant, or office, it’s equally vital to fortify your online presence.

Safeguarding your Facebook business account is not just a technical duty but a fundamental business responsibility.  

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